24h with the Forrider Collection brand’s founder

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Forrider Collection, brand with an idea, creating clothes for the horse lovers. Due to limited character of the collection, we can feel special. If you are curious how one of Kristina Dziadkiewicz’s (Forrider Collection founder) days looks like, I am more than happy to present you this interview ;).

8:00 I try not to get up before 8 a.m. At this time I cannot be woke up whether by alarm clock or by a dog. Only by my son. He is 15-months-old, but he already knows what “the morning toilet” means. We dress up and go to breakfast. During the breakfast, I start my computer and read e-mails. They’re usually from my clients. They ask for sizes, models availability, they send their vital statistics. I log in to the shop to check what happened on the site during the night. I pack the purchased products. I double-check everything.

10:00 I leave the house with my son. I usually drive him to the kindergarten. Next, I sent all the packages to my clients. At this time, I usually have an appointment in a printing house or with the materials’ producer. We discuss the latest collection. We tweak the details. In the meantime, I’m answering phone calls, sometimes from the closest friends to catch up over a coffee and brunch. If I can’t pick up, I call back later.

12:00 I’m driving to the shop. I don’t buy some ready-made meals in town. I take care of my family. I return to home and pick up my son along the way. Usually at this time he goes to sleep, sometimes I lay down with him so I can calm down and relax. Think over the matters connected with designing. After an hour regeneration, I get up. I make dinner. In the meantime, I answer phone calls, reply to e-mails. I watch fashion shows, read the press.

14:00 I sit down with my son and husband to eat dinner. There is a dining-together rule in our home. We organise our time so we can eat together. We don’t watch TV, we don’t have a TV set. Even if we did, it would be dusty. We talk, we laugh. After dinner, we all go back to our things.

15:00 I’m going to my atelier, I’m closing. I open up my mind. I don’t think about anything else. I love this place. I’m working on a new cut. I put all this on paper. Then on material. I pin everything on a mannequin and join with stitches. I leave it all pinned like this. I turn off the lights and leave my atelier.

18:00 I spend time with my son. We read books, play or go to the stable. I meet my friends there and we discuss the new thing together. We come up with another one, I have it on my mind. We clean the horses, ride together laughing and talking about the old collection, what to keep, and what will inevitably disappear from the shop. My son won’t be longer than a moment on a horse, so he chases cats and dogs. We come back home. We eat supper together. We bathe and cuddle.

21:00 The youngest member of the family goes to sleep. I come back to my computer to replay to another messages. I turn the computer off and come back to my temple. The nice cold makes me think straight. I look at the mannequin. I see what’s wrong and what’s good. I make adjustments, work on the sewing machines. I finish working on the new thing. For now, it’s just a prototype, but if it’ll go through all the next stages, it will be in the shop. Tomorrow is the printing test. Then washing and wearing. Another washing and ironing in a couple of days.

24:00 I go to the toilet. I enter the dark bedroom, hear my family’s calm breathing, they’re asleep. I lay down and feel how all my muscles relax. I love my bed and my sheets. Last thought of the new thing flashes before my eyes and I remember nothing more…