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Style & Competition event, which takes place every year on the larges international arenas (for example on Gucci Masters Cup), inspired me to write this note.

Jessica Springsteen na Wotsamillion


I really like the idea of fancy dress competition, coz it shows that riders are not too serious and have sense of humor. That’s why to celebrate the carnival, I want to make half jokingly a little review of equestrian stuff. Everything to help you create an extraordinary stylization and shine on a fancy dress events.

Let’s begin our festival:

At first breeches- the main part of the carnival outfit. We have 2 suggestions:

Disco glitter and leopard-print:

The helmet we can decorate ourselves or use prepared Uvex.


Upper body we can gently bring out with Pikeur jumper, or go hard and use totally gold riding jacket:

Pikeur  Suri_Form_6006_Farbe_1097_Detail01

Now it’s time for integral part of the horsey outfit- boots. Fans of glitter and leopard-print will fine something for themselves 😉


The same with gloves, numnahs, riding whips and saddles!!!

We can’t ignore Eskadron Platinum Performance collection- really suitable in this occasion.


Do you have your favourites or own propositions? Remember, to keep calm and enjoy the carnival!!!