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My story with purple started in a high school, when I dyed my hair into shade of aubergine. It was just a youthful fad, but I had to fight with effects of it for another half of the year and by the end I dyed my hair red

Another contact with violet was when I spilled over myself and everything around a purple solution of phenolphthalein on chemistry laboratories in uni.

As you can see our relationship didn’t start very well and I must admit that I’ve never really been to interested into purple… Even now I’ve got only one violet H&M sweater and some riding socks in my wardrobe. I have this sweater over 6 years and I’m not gonna get rid of it.

The truth is, that purple doesn’t really suit me and I really need to be in the ‘mood’ to wear it (which happens about twice a year). So my violet is somewhere deep in the closet, waiting for a better time. My purple ambivalence may be related to the fact, that it doesn’t suit to my coloristic type.

I appreciate the fact, that it’s always my last resort when I got to the point ‘I don’t have anything to wear’. And also it unexpectedly came to me with a stylization help, when I bought a purple striped rug for my horse <3

And because it’s a colour of this season, we can’t miss it here.  And we’ve got plenty of it:






Show jacket:


Eurostar FEI Arena Ladies Show Jacket




And this time a lot of equipment for horses: