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I love Winter- for snow, sunny mornings and frosty sights, crispy winter air, cold… No, for cold definitely not! Although horse riding in winter is charming, but unfortunately, sooner or later comes the moment, when pleasure turns into a struggle to bring back the circulation in cold hands and feet. Fortunately, to the rescue we can use a tack room’s fireplace or heater, but sometimes even that wouldn’t worm up the frosted limbs. It’s always good to think, that when you come back home you will have warm bath, put the checked pyjama and warm slippers on, take a hot water bottle and jump to your bed under stylish alpaca blanket. For full happiness you only need hot chocolate with chili in your favourite mug and oldschool soap opera with horses, for example ‘International Velvet’, and outside it can be even a snowstorm.

Indigo and Rose hot water bottle