The incredible SPOOKS part 1

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There are many brands that produce equestrian clothing. I highly value the SPOOKS brand. Chose by many professional equestrians. Their clothes are easy on the eye and provide comfort during a ride.
In this article, I’d like to show you the news proposed by SPOOKS.

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Evi Jacket sweatshirt is equipped in the ZIP type of zipper and with functional zipped pockets on the front. This model is available in few colours: red, navy blue, green, and grey.

Heart T-Shirt is a cotton T-shirt with a SPOOKS EQUESTRIAN caption, available in white and navy blue. Perfect for trainings during hot days.

Light Vest Emilia is a downy vest with a high collar. It is definitely a hit! Multifunctional, light (which makes it very practical), and additionally avaiable in trendy and attractive colours. This vest is a must have, especially in this season of the year.

You can find more clothes on the official Internet site of SPOOKS or in the next article.