The timeless quilted jacket

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Formerly, it was associated with the British style, rural estate, and horse-back riding. Surprisingly, it was created by sir Stephen Guylas, an American who occupied himself with designing military uniforms during his active service. After retiring, he moved to Great Britain with his wife and indulged himself with his favourite horse-back riding and hunting. In the 60s’ he invented the light quilted jacket, for the sake of those very sports. He named it after his favourite breed of dogs – Husky.

Kingsland Dressage. Totally black, very nice !:

Kingsland Dressage

The original quilted husky jacket has a simple cut and is pretty loose. Characteristic slits fastened on poppers are on the sides. The collar is trimmed with cord fabric. The prototypes were in dark shades of green and blue. It has a major advantage, we can fold it into a cube, put it into a bag and after few hours wear it without the necessity of ironing.

 I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with the Husky jackets. They are perfect both for trainings and everyday stable life.