Equestrian gloves – top models for competition

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Everyone, who has ever taken part in competitions, knows that there is a certain “dress code” for competition – that is, a rider’s and horse’s outfit, which should be not only neat, but also meet certain standards. We will not meticulously analyse each element of such outfit, but we will pay attention to one detail – gloves. It is a part of our equestrian wardrobe, which can make us look elegant, and “complete” our stylisation.

Producers, especially when it comes to models of gloves, “play” with designing, searching for new look. Below we present the most interesting models, in our opinion, which due to high quality of their making and their decorations are perfect for competitions ūüôā

rńôkawiczki jeŇļdzieckie na zawody

  1. Samshield, V-Skin gloves, ca.¬†55¬†‚ā¨
  2. Tredstep, Dressage Pro leather gloves,¬†ca. 55¬†‚ā¨
  3. Samshield, V-Skin Swarovski gloves,¬†ca. 75¬†‚ā¨
  4. Roeckl,¬†Lara gloves,¬†ca. 65¬†‚ā¨
  5. Kingsland, Unisex show gloves,¬†ca. 76¬†‚ā¨
  6. Tattini, leather gloves with zirconia,¬†ca. 50¬†‚ā¨
  7. Roeckl, Grip Swarovski gloves, ca. 55¬†‚ā¨
  8. Uvex, Schwenkel Performance 2 gloves,¬†ca. 34¬†‚ā¨