Equestrian gloves – perfect training models

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Staying in the topic of fashion and equestrian equipment, we would like to touch upon another field – the rider’s hands. Everybody knows how they look 🙂 Cleaning, backing up, sweeping the stable or arranging obstacles constitute to our everyday life, which make our hands’ life pretty difficult. However, the most harmful and tough circumstances are brought by riding itself. Mere keeping the reins, which are usually made of leather, changing their tauntness and constant shifting in our hands causes damages and cracking of our skin. In result, our nails are in ruin, our skin is rough and dry, and the erstwhile delicate feminine hands now look more like hands of a peasant woman that spends all her days working in the soil. Thus, it is worth investing in really good gloves!

Below, we present you with, in our opinion, the top models of equestrian gloves, which due to their making quality, would be perfect for your trainings and would protect your hands during stable work 🙂

rękawiczki jeździeckie na treningi

  1. RSL, Ascot gloves, ca. 50 €
  2. Roeckl, Grip Doublecolor gloves, ca. 35 €
  3. Tattini, leather gloves, ca. 35 €
  4. Roeckl, Madrid gloves, ca. 40 €
  5. Horze, Luxury gloves, ca. 47 €
  6. Roeckl, Malia gloves, ca. 37,50 €
  7. RSL, Rotterdam gloves, ca. 32 €
  8. Roeckl, Micro Air gloves, ca. 40 €