Riding boots – most fashionable models

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Boots are the most important element of our wardrobes. Their condition and appearance might speak volumes about their possessor. Clean, made of high-quality materials, of timeless or currently in vogue shape may cause you stylisation to become unique, and you will be seen as a person worth being trusted, thorough and organised. Additionally, comfortable shoes will provide you with good humour and allow you to focus on the work you are doing.

Jackboots are probably the most classy model of riding shoes, which apart from having protective function is also a fashion must have. Riding boots are considered to be more elegant than combining short shoes – joghpurs with leggins.

We decided to gather the most fashionable, in our opinion, models of riding boots this season. On the you will find both timeless classics, and models of brand new design. Which one will you buy? ūüôā


  1. Mountain Horse, Sovereign High Rider¬†riding boots, ca.¬†369 ‚ā¨
  2. Tattini, Terranova¬†riding boots¬†with interchangeable decorative straps with velcro,¬†350 ‚ā¨
  3. Veredus, Guarnieri¬†riding boots, 658¬†‚ā¨
  4. Sergio Grasso, Ingress¬†riding boots, 379¬†‚ā¨
  5. Uppr√§tta Ridsport, 1540 brun lack¬†riding boots, ca. 423¬†‚ā¨