Manicure with an equestrian motif

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I’m definitely behind! 😉 Although I usually pick a red nail polish, this time I would indulge myself with something with an equestrian motif. All in all, horse riding is a very elegant sport, so we should take care of our nails. Even if we wear gloves. Jestem zdecydowanie na tak! 😉

I’m aware that many of us can spend a fortune on our pet, and when we have to buy something for ourselves – we are low spenders ;). Beautiful nails speak volumes of a particular person. Let’s show that the horse lovers don’t always hide their hands in the pockets! (unless somebody catches us at leaving the stable).

I’ll show you some really nice inspirations. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already scheduled my manicure ;).

Horse nails. Not sure how they last in the barn. :-)

Each nail is different. You might want to wear this with a simple black outfit to set off the manicure.





Horsey nails!

A Chic Horse Print Manicure | Horses & Heels