14.02. – Horsy Valentine’s Day <3 <3 <3

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Although our horses are sometimes picky, stubborn and not as polite as we would want them to be, we all love them the most in the world. So maybe it’s good to spend Valentine’s Day with our beloved horse in the stable? And since we are going to visit our steed, it would be nice to give him something special. In equestrian shops we can find a whole bunch of fantastic valentine’s gifts for our beloved one. We present them in order from the cheapest to the most expensive. Every kind under the sun!

  1. Bar – mini lollipop Likit. The best and not expensive gift for every devourer! Instead of the boring and stock carrots, let’s get our horses a delicious bar made exclusively of the highest-quality ingredients with vitamins in three flavours: apple, banana or carrot. 1560501_0
  2. Massage glove. A fantastic rubber massage glove. On one side it has special balls which allow us to give our steed a relaxing massage before or after the training. big_9c05c102f6a448239a543f37c329578d
  3. Equi Theme ball for horses. A ball of 17,5 cm diameter to hang in a stall, perfect for each bored horse for long winter evenings in the stable 🙂 You can also hang it on the paddock. 0_3611---900_114_003_900x600
  4. Likit holder with salt lick. The cheapest of Likit toys – the cheapest but also the best in its simplicity. You should mount a 650 g filler in our steed’s favourite flavour. Perfect for each bored by being in a stall horse-devourer 🙂 likho
  5. Eskadron Halter Nici 2016 Hearts with tether. A beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for our horse will most definitely be this hearted halter with tether. The halter has thick lining on the occiput and noseband due to which it will be exceptionally comfortable in the everyday use and transport even for the most sensitive horse. Eskadron-Halfterset-Nici-pink-brownie-img-110-00010_600x600
  6. Sweat rug Nici 2016 Hearts. Exceptionally lovely pink rug with hearts made from high-quality fleece. Perfect for a warm up before the training as well as for the horse’s drying after a workout. Our horse will surely be grateful 🙂Eskadron_Nici_HW15_G5A8359

Let’s not forget that the gift we give to our horse doesn’t necessarily have to be a material one. Maybe instead of the everyday, regular training indoors, we could pick a walk in the field. Or just spend some more time with him, walking in hand and letting him eat some grass in our companion. Our steed will definitely appreciate that kind of day more than any material gift 🙂