Bring your old saddle pad alive

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I’ll introduce you to a very easy way of bringing your, at least a little tatty, saddle pad to life again. Unfortunately, this technique is not efficient for all models. A lot is dependable to its colour, material, and shape. However, it is worth to try everything, before we decide to throw it away ;).

"I really don't need new things for my horse…Said no one ever.":

  1. Put the saddle pad in a bathtub. Then besprinkle all dirty places with Ace stain remover. Depending on the degree to which the saddle is dirty, leave it like this for 15-30 minutes. Then, put it into a washing machine along with a container (every mom will know what I’m talking about, so if you are not familiar with this – ask her) with approx. 100 ml of our Ace. Set it at 1000-1200 rpm at 30 Celsius degrees.
  2. After washing the saddle pad, try to shape it into its original form and put it out so the two “flaps” lop on both sides.
  3. Old contaminations might be difficult to wash. Unfortunately, we can do nothing about it. To cheer you up, I’ll add that they should become less and less visible with every washing, as they will fade ;). Fresh stains (even those after 3 weeks of usage) should be easy to clean.
  4. After washing and drying our saddle pad is ready for ironing. Providing that our iron has a function of steam ironing. This function makes the ironing much more delicate and we don’t have to worry that we will destroy the material. Once ironed, we leave the saddle pad to dry again. Now it should look way better than before the washing ;).
  5. If our saddle pad is “pilled” we can shave it with a clothes’ shaver.

Now we can go on our training (so I hope) and enjoy our rejuvenated saddle pad ;).