How to regenerate our horse after a training?

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How to regenerate our horse after a training?

A lot of owners who constantly train their horses ask themselves this question. The horse’s muscles get tired just as ours do. In order to help our steed after an effort and prepare him for another workouts it’s worth to take into consideration the possibility of magnetic therapy. At this point, it is easily accessible due to VEREDUS MAGNETIK SYSTEM and you can have it exclusively in your own stable without having to schedule a meeting with the horse’s physiotherapist.

The magnetic therapy is an noninvasive method of curing horse’s injuries without the necessity of administrating pharmaceuticals. The magnets boost the blood flow, stimulate new cells to grow and support the tissue regeneration. Due to their properties, the products using the system of magnets reduce pain and reduce swelling. Applied after an effort prevent from swelling and speed up the regenerating system. They prepare the muscles and tendons for the further labour.

In the VEREDUS MAGNETIK series, available are:

  • Veredus Magnetik Rug equipped with 32 magnets, producing the power of 2400 Gauss each. The magnets are placed lumbar-thoracic, above the pectorals and on the shoulders. It can be used as a separate rug or as an under-rug. It will also be a good transport rug used before or after a competition.
  • Magnetik Stable Boot Evo stable boots for the front and hinder legs are equipped with 14 magnets each, producing (just like in the rug) the power of 2400 Gauss each. The magnets were placed accordingly to the flexor’s tendons and the fetlock’s joint in breathable AEROX foam. Additional asset is changeable inner lining from DFD (Dry Fast Dry) attached on velcro.
  • Magnetik 4 hours boots on the front and hinder legs covering also the fetlock with coronet. They were made for an intense 4-hour-long therapy. Each of the boots was equipped with 20 magnets producing the power of 2400 Gauss each, placed accordingly to the flexor’s tendons, fetlock’s joint and heels. Similarily to the Magnetik Stable Boot Evo they are made from AEROX material.
  • Magnetik Hock hocks’ protectors are equipped with 8 magnets each. Each one of them produces power of 2400 Gauss. They’re placed on both sides of the hock.
  • Magnetik Hoof protectors for the coronet joint are equipped with 5 magnets each. The magnets produce power of 2400 Gauss each. They were placed accordingly to the coronet, heel and fetlock.


It’s worth mentioning that all products of the VEREDUS MAGNETIK line were made from special AEROX material which provides the maximal comfort of our horse. This material guarantees free air flow and allows the skin to breathe. Also, it doesn’t allow to overheat the places which are currently undergoing the magnetic therapy, which is especially important at some injuries or regeneration after a tough training.

VEREDUS MAGNETIK allows us to take care of our horse on the highest possible level.