Magic Brush

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Magic Brush

It may not be a brand new innovation, as we know thesebrushes from the last season, but it definitely is a must have!

Magic Brush is a plastic, modest brush, which differsfrom the traditional “needlers” by its bristle – here we have more denselyembedded needles with point endings.

The brush has practically only advantages – it’s cheap (available in sets of 3 pieces or individually for a price less than 5 EUR), itis easy to keep it clean, as it is enough to just wash it with soap and water,or put into a washing machine, but most of all, it is very effective. Itexcellently erase dust, contamination and dead hair. The only disadvantage,which took me a long time to find, is maybe the fact that with time the bristlebecomes dull and it bends.

I strongly recommend Magic Brush, it is one of theaccessories that I cannot do without.

In this season, there are 3-packs available in thefollowing colours:

  • Tropic – pink, dark and light green
  • Sugar Shake – light green, raspberry and azure
  • Petticoat – lilac, purple and pink



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