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  Softshell is an extraordinarily practical material from which clothes are made. Softshell is waterproof, soft and breathable.
The material is water-resistant and perfectly protects from heavier rain. The softshell clothes are thicker and usually slightly pilled on the inside. They are very practical, suitable for the spring-summer period, and combined with a sweatshirt even for the cooler autumn. Softshells don’t lose their colour even after years, and washing them in a proper temperature allows to keep their shape and appearance, which guarantees that they will serve you for a very long time..
So, I recommend to purchase a softshell and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed, what is more, you will gain a practical thing, which will serve you for many years.

Here are some chosen models:

304301 00_Ellina_1093 304301 00_Ellina_1095304301 00_Ellina_1154

304301 00_Ellina_1095_Detail2 304402 00_Delano_1707_Detail2
           Ellina Ladies’ Softshell by Pikeur spring/summer 2015 collection

304501 00_Sharina_1092304501 00_Sharina_1165Vari1304501 00_Sharina_1165_Detail01

Sharina Ladies’ Softshell by Pikeur spring/summer 2015 collection

frak-softshell-jordan-damski-wu14-2 frak-softshell-jordan-damski-wu14-3 frak-softshell-jordan-damski-wu14
Jordan Ladies’ softshell Show Jacket WU14 by Kingsland autumn/winter 2015 collection

frak-abbey-softshell-damski-su15-2 frak-abbey-softshell-damski-su15

Abbey Ladies’ softshell Show Jacket SU15 by Kingsland Summer 2015 collection

frak-galdina-damski-s15-2 frak-galdina-damski-s15

Galdina Ladies’ softshell Show Jacket S15 by Pikeur Summer 2015 collection