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Every women, even once in a lifetime, should have a coat. It’s THIS part of outfit, which can forgive us many, if not all of stylization’s faults. Mainly because coat is like a big sail and hides any unwanted views. Only in extreme cases coat can become a huge styling mistake, especially when it’s two sizes too big and looks like a crumpled bag. Let’s leave the tragic visions of styling fall behind and focus on positive aspects of having a coat. Evolution reaches everything in the world, reaches coat as well. Apart of common designs and materials, we have coats which I called ‘jackety’, ‘softshells’, and… waterproof transparent ‘oilcloths’ We can also find ‘rarities’ with unknown function, which COAT have only in the name. I always stick to classics and I love timeless woolen coats. The ‘jackety’ ones are not my thing, maybe coz I don’t look good in them. But I can’t disagree with their functionality and warmth, especially if they are filled with a down… I have other feelings about the softshell. I personally think this material is a wonder of technology and I buy everything what is made of it. The idea of making a riding jacket of softshell is brilliant.

Now it is time to short overview of classical, sporty and softshell riding coats.

 Scarf Riding Coat from Wallis



  Asmar-All-Weather-Rider-3upAsmar Equestrian – The All Weather Rider – softshell

 Softshell Jacket Lino – HV Polo

 Kingsland Dressage Florencio Ladies Jacket

  Mountain Horse Majestic Riding Coat








Eurostar Alina Jacket


And what kind of coats you like the most?