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After coming back from Aachen I couldn’t help but step into Equishop. I had only a few minutes and moderate amount of money so I decided on Stirling jumper from the last year’s winter collection. Additionally, I was given a nice, brand’s towel ;).

The jumper is very nice to touch, it consists 80% of cotton and 20% of nylon, which sums up as a really cool composition. Patches on the shoulders and elbows seem like a good idea for me, they make the jumper look sporty. It fits to the body, so it is perfect for workouts (you can’t hide your riding mistakes in some loose folds).


Something warm will always be useful, especially when the autumn is already here. I decided on red colour of the jumper, as I’ve always associated it with this season.

As you can see below, the newest purchase was approved by my cat ;). You can wear it on the coldest days.


I will mix it with the navy blue Kingsland Kelly Slim Fit high-waisted breeches. I am an absolute fan of high waist and I never really understood the phenomenon of the “hiphuggers”. But I also never got the whole idea of bell-bottoms which are now back in vogue. Fortunately, they will never enter the equestrian fashion ;).