Roeckl Gloves

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A very important element of the equestrian equipment are proper, solid gloves, which will protect from hands abrasions and will also provide good contact with reigns. It is good to equip yourself with a pair of good, leather gloves that will serve you for a long time. The equestrian communicates with a horse mainly due to the balance and body language, that is why the precise and subtle hands work is so important. For this reason the equestrian gloves cannot numb the fingers.

The number 1 choice? Definitely the Roeckl brand. Their gloves are durable, made from light and elastic material and they excellently fit to the hands. They enable to breathe, which makes them sort of our “second skin”. There are many models inequestrian shops, but the most popular, most elegant and sophisticated is the Roeck-Grip The Unique Original model, available in a wide range of colours. The material of which they are produced is very thin, elastic and adhesive. Despite their seeming delicacy, they are solid and durable. Their advantage is that you can wash them in a washing machine (in 30 Celsius degrees), which is particularly important for people who actively play sports.


Roeck-Grip The Unique Original Gloves