Top 10 for the travelling equestrians

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Holiday might be over, but any time is a good time for travel, and its inseparable element is the preceding packing ;). Regardless if we are going on a competition, camp or we’re just visiting someone. Usually, how we pack will have its effects on the hole excursion. It is worth to put your mind into what you will pack your things into. Our bag might be a nice way of showing our passion.

Top 10 for the travelling horseback riding amateurs

For the Rushed

Kingsland Dobrila bag

A useful hand-held bag which will contain the jackboots and helmet. Perfect to the stable and as a carry-on. Dark colours have made it suitable both for men and women.

For the Traveller


Petit- Avion Steamer S 20” Trolley

Solid, durable and, what is most important for the equestrians – capacious ;). It will contain all the horse lover’s treasures that are necessary for the trainings: polo T-shirts, breeches, socks. It is from the Dressage Collection, it combined vintage style with modern materials due to which it is very light.

For the Contestant

Compact Eskadron Next Generation bag

It will contain the necessary accessories for the horse and rider. Thanks to the shoulder strap it can be comfortably carried from one place to another, which is very important during competitions. By the way, the bag perfectly matches the rest of the Eskadron Next Generation collection and will excellently complete a sporty outfit.


Star Eskadron Next Generation documents case

Documents are important, so it’s worth to keep them in a safe place. Eskadron introduces a case in which you may keep them. They won’t feel safer anywhere else.

HORZE jackboots case

It will protect your jackboots during a trip. Handy handles and shoulder strap make it easier to carry around.

FOUGANZA saddle bag

Each one of you knows how uncomfortable carrying the saddle is. This kind of bag may help, and additionally it protects our saddle during transportation.

Waldhausen helmet bag

An exclusive helmet bag with equestrian motif ;). Nothing more, nothing less. It fits the equestrian atmosphere.


Eskadron Next Generation bandages bag

It will help control the bandages which like to unwrap. By the way it will help to keep our bag organised.

For the Perfectionist

Ralph Lauren Nappa make-up bag

For everything that a woman needs ;). It is important to look good on a journey. The proper make-up adds self-confidence and effectively improves our mood.

BF Equine Utility Bag by Bravura on Etsy, $220.00

BF Equine Utility bag

You can never have too much bags, especially with the equestrian motif ;).

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