Top 10 of Equestrian Tattoos

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I bet we cannot find a single person in the world who never wanted to get a tattoo. Especially when we are into horse-back riding, deciding on it is very tempting. It is really nice to stick out among other people and show off with your passion. But it is good to consider it once too much, then regret it later on.

You will find some cool tattoo inspirations below ūüėČ

Horse shoe tattoo. Needs a touch up and something added. In memory of my horse Remi <3

Simple and small, my first tattoo done back in 11. Horses have brought me through some of the more difficult times in my life, and its still one of my favorite tattoos to date. Done at Sink the Ink Tattoo and Piercing in Doylestown, PAhorseshoe tattoo | Tumblr

My tattoo.

"Lending me the wings I lack" #horseshoe #tattoo

Horse tattoo. I like.

Horse tattoo

horse tattoo | Tumblr

horse tattoo, heels down here to find out more

A simple but permanent accessory.