5 TOP jackboots

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Buying jackboots is a true challenge. First of all, it is really hard to find the ones that would be in the right size, and second of all – the price. It is a considerable expense, and the prices start from 600zł. We also have to decide upon their profile – jumping /dressage. From experience I know that it is worth to buy the best jackboots we can afford. Whether our jackboots are properly fit to our foot has an enormous positive/negative effect on our training. I don’t have to remind you how it is to walk in too small, scraping shoes.

Most of you probably knows that the wearing new jackboots is a torture for a few first rides (usually), but whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stronger. The shoe has to adjust to the shape of our feet. Even if somebody will indulge themselves with tailor-made shoes, they still have to accept the possibility of abrasions.

I introduce a few models of really nice jackboots 😉

Silvia Rizzo's Secchiari boots - antique brown w/ croc. GORGEOUS!

Silvia Rizzo’s Secchiari jackboots

Alberto Fasciani boots - check out the Italian Equestrian quality on equestyle.com

Alberto Fasciani

I have a love for vintage... De Niro Lace Up Riding Boots.

De Niro Lace Up

De Niro Leopard boots

De Niro Leopard