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Handbags in women’s life are very important- this fact is not negotiable. She may not have a husband, money or sense of humor, but she must have her own purse. Without the bag she feels like without a hand, although this statement should really sound opposite- usually woman has only one hand free, in the other one she’s holding her handbag. Even if women is not holding it, the purse must be somewhere close, not necessarily in the perfect place, such as under her feet when she’s driving a car… She would preferably take the handbag for a riding lesson and only extreme discomfort stops her from doing that.

Capacity of the handbag is like the Universe- unlimited. You can easily fit there wallet, tissues, make-up bag, nail file, wrench and the Orion constellation.

I’ve managed to carry in my bag a girth and thermos with a bit inside, and I’m not a hardcore one! More complicated is choosing the handbag for a horsewoman. The design has to match the jeans, breeches, show jacket or pitchfork. To find such an multipurpose bag, obviously in equestrian style, is sometimes a miracle. We were very lucky and now we can present ‘the Must Have’ of this season in different types.


Gucci rania beige washed cotton top handle bag

This brand doesn’t need introduction. Gucci is a pure, eternal elegance. The distinctive red-green stripe is recognize as easily as a Ferrari badge, and everything with it is success. It’s no different this time- classic beige handbag looks perfect with the stripe and suits every outfit (not only equestrian).

Ralph Lauren Equestrian Flap Shoulder Bag

This Ralph is like a diamond in the crown. It gives shine and good taste even to unadorned look. An intensive colour breaks the winter monotony. It suits to people wearing a mellow greys and pastels, but also for someone experimenting with big range of colours.


Lauren Equestrian-Print Classic Tote

The Ralph handbag is like ‘organized mess’. When you look at it, first what you will notice is a chaos. If you look for a little bit longer, in all this disorder you can find an equestrian logic. It’s so much going on this bag, that it needs simple, plain stylization, which will give you amazing final look.

Kingsland Stirling bag

Kingsland Stirling Bag

Kingsland is solid, but not to massive. You can count on it in every situation, like on a best friend. It will be with you everyday, in one day business trip, on fitness or jumping/dressage lesson. Kingsland will look good with your down gilet and heels boots, woolen coat and flat chocolate brown long boots, corduroy jodhpurs and long riding boots. In one word it’s irreplaceable!

BF Equine Utility: Classic Canvas

The colours of this bag is both, the greatest benefit and disadvantage. It gives freshness to the winter outfits and is a bit like a longing for a hot summer. If you choose it wisely to your clothes, it looks stunning, but if you go to the stable, it’s better not to put it on the floor.

BF equine Utility Bag

BF Equine is fantastic casual bag for every busy woman. You will pack in it as much as in a small luggage. It means that you can easily put there a tablet, lunch, breeches and high heels for the evening. The design is versatile, so you can match it to a formal coat or jodhpurs. It will save you packing three times a day in the worry of mismatch to the rest of the styling.

Rebecca Ray Maryann Tote- Horse

This handbag is my personal favorit. It’s hard to say what I like about it most- handles imitating rug’s surcingles, inscription or eye-catching bright colour. I finally acknowledge all these aspects on the same level, which means that the bag doesn’t need any stylization coz it makes it itself.

Rebecca Ray Julie Tote- Horse

Rebecca Ray is a beauty in the simplicity,both in combination of the colours and a design. It can gently suit to any outfit like a missing piece of puzzle, but not disappear like a blue puzzle on the clear sky background.


Tucker Tweed Lexington Dressage Bag

As we all know- not everyone needs a ‘thrill’ when they’re choosing their outfit and they pick up classic, toned clothes to not absorb the attention. Tucker Tweed handbag is the same. We may say, that the design is a bit old school, what with current trends is a good thing. The advantage is that with the classic look we can personalized it for our riding preferences. We can get this bag in dressage, show jumping and also ‘Fox Hunting’ version.


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    Moją faworytką jest Lauren, wysokiej jakości skóra, którą mam okazję pomacać we własnej szafie.