COLOUR OF THE WEEK: Chateau Bordeaux

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Today in our ‘color’ series it’s time for burgundy, claret, ruby and all the other aubergines. For a long time I’ve been convinced, that all shades of burgundy and mahogany are for old women, and because I’m not an that old, I don’t wear them. But as they say- only cow doesn’t change the mind, after long considerations I’ve realized that these colours are just matured and saturated, like long aged dry red wine. I think this analogy is quite accurate, as not everyone is a dry wine connoisseur and not everyone has to like tones of maroon. As you all now from articles about coloristic types of beauty, all the claret shades suits best Mrs Autumn, but there are so many of the shades, so everyone will find something for themselves.

I’m not sure if I should persuade anyone to burgundy, as I think it’s a bit like maternal instinct- you really have to feel it. Then there is nothing else to do- just savour it like a glass of Bordeaux.

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The collection of claret-coloured clothes is not as rich a pink one, but is burgundy not only for the chosen ones? 🙂