Dizzying helmets’ range

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We don’t need to remind anybody how important it is to protect your head ;). All in all, “there” is our command centre.

Thanks to producers’ creativity we can be both safe and trendy. The shops have a wide range of helmets available in various colours and patterns.


You never know what might happen on a training. The trend for not wearing a helmet is pretty popular among professional riders. As if the head without protection had become a symbol of professionalism. Everybody makes mistakes and ugly “helmets” from the year dot has vanished a long time ago. Helmet on the head is no reason to be ashamed! 😉

Especially if you have one of those


My absolute favourites are Samshield helmets 😉5fb9a8ef4f85c558ed78e7b023358a64




Helmets, apart from providing protection, can also give an equestrian character to a room. So many advantages from having one item ;). I think that we can forgive it for “ruining” our hairstyle.


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