Equestrian fashion faux pas

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Fashion faux pas happens at all times and all occasions, especially in the equestrian world, where neat appearance plays an important role. I have gathered some of the most important positions that you should try to avoid, not only during competitions, but also during the everyday trainings.



  • Loose hair (use various types of updos – a pony tail, plaits, etc.)
  • Excessive make-up
  • Holey gloves
  • Deformed show jackets (crumpled etc.)
  • Battered old shoes
  • Falling chaps
  • Clothes made from poor-quality materials that restrain your movements
  • Strappy tops
  • Low necklines, tight shirts (they are supposed to be tailored)
  • Dirty riding boots (especially during competitions)
  • Too loose clothes (they disenable your coach from telling your hips position, hide the “hunch” etc.)
  • Bra that does not control the bouncing breasts (rapid up-and-down movements decreases their appearance)


  • Too long jackets, coats, show jackets that the rider sits on during riding
  • Unzipped sweatshirts
  • Long scarfs, neckerchiefs that might untie and scare the horse
  • Bridle in saddle in two different colours
  • Breeches with darker grip than the material (it makes you look fatter!)
  • Too much jewellery

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