GUARNIERI jackboots by Veredus

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oficerki-guarnieri   The first time I saw GUARNIERI jackboots by Veredus I wondered whetherthey were created for robots or people. Their look repelled me, as who would want to wear such a gismo with some winders on their legs?! In spite, I get t oknow them a bit better, touched and swear to myself that from the first money I’dever earn, I’ll buy myself those jackboots as a birthday present.

     What is the phenomenon about? Veredus, which in my opinion produces thebest boots for horses, decided to mix the classic style and modern technologiesthat open a new era in the history of designing and exploitation of ridingshoes. The upper of the jackboots was designed and made in a way that it easilyprovides the perfect fit to the equestrian’s needs. This function is providedby the BOA system.

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 The inner side of theshoe in the part where the calf fays to the panel of the saddle, is padded witha special rubber insert, which is used in the making of rock climbing shoes.Its application allows to perfectly feel the horse, stabilize the calf, at thesame time enabling the equestrian to take the appropriate position and keep theright balance. Made of an flexible, breathable and waterproof material strap ison the front of the boot. That allows the equestrian’s foot to breath andprovides higher comfort than a leather boot.

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In the back part of the jackboots is a special place -support stabilizing the position of spurs. The equestrians can choose thepreferable position of a spur, according to their needs or style of riding. Additionally, the sole of the shoe has insoles, thatmaximally reduce jolts.

The concentration in this part of the rider’s body isan absolute necessity of the skeletal system’s protection, especially joints,from the unnecessary g-force and microtraums.

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What more to want? I think that these are the perfect jackboots, on which the other companies might model their next riding boots’production. The Veredus company showed class again.

The opinion of the Veredus’s GUARNIERI boots’possessor – Julia Błaszczak: “I bought the Guarnieri from Veredus about a year ago.From that moment on, they have never failed me. The boa mechanism worksflawless. I am not a kind of person who takes care of their shoes, but theseshoes, comparing to the others, remain in a way better shape, after the same periodof usage.”