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“We’re obsessed with the way Kate [Moss] looks – Wellington boots with shorts? Who else could get away with that?”

Rachel Zoe, a stylist

Hunter is a brand that produces the cult rubber wellingtons. In the year 1856 it was known as North British Rubber with the headquarters in Edinburgh. Apart from wellingtons, the company produces also bags, socks and many other accessories. In the past it also used to produce tires, conveyors, combs, golf balls, thermoses, rubber floors.

For the curious ones, the person who invented galoshes was prince Wellington. He demanded a long, wide, waterproof footwear for him and his soldiers during the Napoleonic wars. His shoes were gaining more and more sympathisers until they achieved a peak of popularity in the 1840s. It wasn’t until two decades later when they had to make some space for the ankle shoes.



It’s one of the most famous British brands, which is loved by, for example, riders. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise for us, as it released a special collection designed for the horse lovers. At the same time it is so versatile, that we might wear them both on the muddy paddocks and in the city. .

Trend for the Hunter wellingtons was started by Kate Moss in 2005 when she showed up in them at the Glastonbury Festival, and also by Angelina Jolie in the movie entitled “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.



If anybody asks me about one of the best brands for the horsemen, I would definitely name Hunters ;). They are one of my absolutely favourite wellingtons that combines pretty and useful. They’re both neat and at the same time fulfill their task by protecting our foot from dampness and cold (it’s possible to purchase a galosh insole).


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