Kingsland Newest Collection Spring/Summer 2015!!

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Kingsland is one of the few brands that is inspired by the art of horse riding. They made every effort to adjust their latest collection Kingsland Spring / Summer 2015 to that sport. The collection offers clothing specially designed for demanding lifestyle which riders lead. Once again we are proud to present the well-known quality with new, unique patterns. When creating a new catalogue Kingsland Spring / Summer 2015 designers wanted to be sure of their success and were carefully observing the active lifestyle of riders. Riders were accompanied on their trips and training when preparing for competition. This way we can be sure that they fully performed the undertaken challenge.


Kingsland a brand that recognizes the need for perfectionism in sport including horse riding, met the high expectations of their customers. Apart from the collection which is available all year-round Kingsland Classic, were characteristic colors are dominating like navy blue, we can also find an offer were colors like pink or red occur. These seemingly insignificant additives can significantly diversify our daily training clothing giving a whole new look. All color variations, that can refresh our wardrobe, can be found in the latest collection. Even those who are not familiar with horse riding are aware of the need of perfectionism in that sport. The latest collection meets the high aesthetic demands

We introduce available products of Kingsland collection Spring / Summer 2015