New saddle from the Prestige family! X-Perience!

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Once again Prestige surprises us in a moment when we were quite sure that it is not possible to come up with anything new when it comes to saddles. Recently, we welcomed the latest Prestige X-perience saddle’s model on the market, of which the very name is suggesting. It tells us that while picking this saddle, we might expect brand new experiences and feelings – even better contact and harmony with our steed and truly intuitive riding!

The producer tells us about this saddle only that it’s a combination of knowledge that takes its roots in the many-years experience of the Prestige saddlers in making the saddles and the latest technology innovations. That allowed them to produce the perfect saddle for professional jumping riders. This saddle provides the perfect contact between the rider and the horse while maintaining comfort. It guarantees the highest efficiency and reliability in every possible situation.


What distinguishes the Prestige X-perience saddle from the other saddles?

  1. Innovative X Tree – characterised by the perfect adjustment resulting from many-years’ and thorough examinations over the anatomical structure of horse and rider. It is even more comfortable and lighter. Due to application of the up-to-date materials and shape of the tree, it perfectly fits to every movement of the horse. What is more, it provides perfect absorption of impacts, and its unique structure (application of specialised membranes) makes you feel the special contact with your horse. tab-icon1
  2. Leather – new, soft, and even more durable due to which it will face even the biggest loads. tab-icon2
  3. Panels – their special structure allows to even better distribute the rider’s weight on the horse’s back. The front part of the panels was made in the latest technology, so that they are thinner that in the other saddles. It provides better contact between the rider and the horse and allows for quicker reaction in situations appearing during rivalry. tab-icon8
  4. Seat – due to the innovative X Tree it was possible to create exceptionally comfortable seat. Its back part is thicker, and the absorbing bags are bigger so that we get very deep and stable seat. What is more, application of the anatomical shape of the seat allows us to unburden our spine while riding. tab-icon3
  5. Balance Pro – very much attention while creating the X-Perience saddle was paid to the proper balancing. Due to that, the new saddle model provides exceptional comfort of movements while maintaining the perfect balance on the horse’s back. tab-icon5

The saddle is used by such jumping celebrities as the number 1 jumper Ludger Beerbaum – multiple Olympic medallist and nine-time German champion, or Philipp Weishaupt – winner of Grand Prix in Rotterdam from 2013 and Grand Prix in Brunswick from 2014.