No flies!

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images Summer is just around the corner. Soon we will be able to put aside our jackets, thermoshoes, and thick gloves, pull out short sleeved shirts and sunglasses. But let’s not forget that summer is not only the season of riding camps, and horse riding through meadows full of flowers. Summer is the season when we have to take especially good care of our horse, as insects, which wait to attack and bite our four-legged friend, are everywhere. What to do? Chase around with a fly-trapand hunt every single one of them? Nonsense! People started looking for various patents and specifics that could protect their horses from the itching, and sometimes even hurting bites on the body. What to do, how to protect the horses? There are plenty of specifics available on the market, but are they efficient? Let’s ask flies, mosquitos, and gadflies. If their family died out pretty quickly, then yes, they are effective. But wait… animals talk only on the Christmas Eve, and we have only April. Then maybe let’s just take a look on a horse’s body and find out. I did it a long time ago. If you want to spend your money on something more precise, I recommend an ABSORBINE ULTRASHIELD sprayer. 3300_big

But what to do when you approach the horse with a bottle, with a hole in it, and in that hole there is a SPRAYER!!! Fear to fear,for sure it will attack, and some monsters will pop out from its inside, which will eat the poor animal alive, as our horses think. What to do then? Apart from summoning the horse’s “shamans” I recommend adding some garlic to the horse’s oats. The effect? Shocking, but also a bit stinky ;).

Type in a browser: “garlic for horses” and of course thousands of offers will pop out. But, is every single one of them effective? If you want something sophisticated, buy a packaging of GARLIC POWDER produced by an Irish company TRM. Tasty, natural and efficient. An arch enemy of flies.



Still too little? Are you that much in love with your horses that you need more of reliable protection? Then buy a mosquito net for horses. But be careful, as some of the horses might be scared of the nets. However, maybe more scared would be people and animal defenders that will see a horse in a sack on a head standing on the paddock. But take it easy, the mosquito nets are really good solution. They are made of a solid net with a dense mesh, which at the same time does not restrict the field of vision, so that our horse can see the world and staring people.Some of the nets protect also from the harmful UV radiation or intense sunlight, reflecting the rays. Available models are in form of masks for the whole snout, eyes, and ears or with cuttings for the eyes. Some of the net shave a cut between the ears so it is possible to pull out the mane. There are also fringes attachable to the head collars on the market. How does it work? The horse eats the grass, moves its head and the fringes scares away the insects.


“Mom, why does this horse wear a dress?”, “Mom, why does this horse wear a pajama?”. Those are my favourite little kids reactions when they see a horse wearing a rug. The rugs are also a perfect solution, because they protect the most part of the body. Easy, those are not thick rugs, made of fleece or with a padding. They have a very slight mesh and protects the skin from stings. derka-siatkowa-pro-cover-classic-sports-s15

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If you take part in the competitions or if you are a keen trainee, in shops you can also find the mosquito nets, fringes, masks, fly hats, training mesh rugs, which will protect the horses from insects. It is also recommended to wash the horse’s legs from sweat after an intense training, so that it would not lure the uninvited buzzzzzzzing inscets.