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Polo shirt, meaning the elegant version of an ordinary T-shirt, with a collar and buttons at the neck. First polo shirts appeared in British army at the end of the 19th century, but it was tennis that really contributed to their popularisation. The actual reason for polo shirts’ popularity was Rene Lacoste – tennis player, who played on courts in the knitted shirts with collar, buttoned under the neck. In 1933 Lacoste along with his associate started a mass production of polo shirts. The elegant shirts appeared in the wardrobes of dabblers of many elite sports – sailing, golf, polo, and they entered the casual vogue in 1950s due to students of the best American colleges.
Back then, polo shirt was made of pique type of knit, meaning two-layered mesh, which provides comfort during workout. Currently on the market we can find polo shirts made from various materials and of various cuts, although the classic, always in vogue polo shirt is still made of pique material.
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