Mohair Shetty

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Today we will talk about probably the oldest natural fiber that exist in the world- wool.

It’s been used for centuries to produce shirts, sweaters, hats, scarves, sock and even shoes and it’s being scratchy for all the generations of the users. I remember, in the childhood it was nothing more annoying than a sweater made of stiff wool, which was getting straightened up in the blink of the eye, like a self erecting tent. It was intricately knitted by my granny, often with a polo neck, 3 sizes too big- as it may shrink or you may grow up… Worn usually on parents command, on just sleeveless vest top, touching your skin on neck and arms. In few seconds it was making you scratch to death and skin after that incident looked like after ‘nettle christening’ in the summer camp. It’s not one of my best memories and I am happy it’s behind me. But also, the woolen sweaters evolved and vision of too big ‘scratchers’ in the shades of unrecognized bronzes seems to be just a nightmare.

I have to admit, wool with its very good thermal insulating and hygroscopic features is used (not without a reason) for the production of the high quality textile products. New ways of manufacturing make it less ‘scratchy’ and more desirable in the world.

Thin wool, or at least with an admixture wool, sweater is the essence of elegance and everyone should have it in the wardrobe. It will suit any more or less formal occasion. Worn on top of competition shirt will be useful if riding jacket is ‘too elegant’ but working clothes ‘too normal’.

In addition, woolen hat, polo neck sweater and socks will be our perfect companion for a cold frosty day.

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