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What can we say about Norway? They’ve got trolls, Vikings, outdoor saunas and… sweaters. Actually, I am not sure if ‘norwegian’ patterns come exactly from Norway, but if everyone says that, it must be truth. In the past they were the peak of embarrassment, but now they’re a hit of the season. I don’t really understand the phenomenon of them, but I can tell you- they’re flooded the market and you can find them also on leggings, handbags, shoes, etc. Because equestrian world follows all the trends, we couldn’t miss them! I kept ‘norwegian pattern’ in ‘forbidden’ draw, but I must shyly admit that out relationship warmed up recently. Literally warmed up, coz all these Scandinavian patterns, reindeer and snowflakes on sweaters, hats, ear warmers and socks make me feel warm from just looking at them Despite appearances, they suit riding outfits very well, so it’s nothing else to do, but put them on and wear them. In what form? Check below:


And what do YOU think about norwegian themes?