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Like every week, today it’s time for a ‘color of the week’. For a long time I was fighting with myself over writing this post. I finally gave up, but didn’t fully accept my defeat. But let’s talk about PINK. I guess that this colour has the same amount of supporters and opponents. I am in the second group. I don’t mind it on the others (if it’s not 98% of the whole outfit), but personally if I’ve got any choice between pink and other color, I would stick to non-pink. I can call myself selective tolerant. Actually, the only hue of pink which I accept is amaranth, or almost purple, but only in minimum- limit is one big or max two small parts of the whole wear. But so-called ‘panty pink’ is far for me as the trip to Kamchatka.

Nevertheless, pink is definitely HIT of the season, so we can’t miss it here. The most popular shades are cold pale powdery pink and extreme to it amaranth, but we can easily find something ‘medium’ and it won’t be a trot Pink in this season appears in most of the equestrian brands and it’s not limited to just one jumper like it sometimes happens. The variety is quite big: from fleeces, jumpers, competition shirts, hats, ear warmers, scarves up to the breeches (!).

Let’s star our overview:

To keep the traditions we’ll start with jackets and gilets:


Pikeur got a bit crazy with the gold, but I am sure it will find the fans.

In fleeces, jumpers and sweatshirts also pretty busy:


Breeches… are and this fact means enough for me. In this theme I will be conservative.


We’ve got competition shirts:


And the biggest group- accessories:


From all these things, I personally like The Pink Panther most 🙂


What is your approach to pink? Share with us! 🙂